At R2S – Return2Service, we believe that Continuing Airworthiness Management (CAM) is more than just keeping your aircraft airworthy; it’s about preserving and enhancing the value of your aviation assets. 

Our tailored CAM services ensure that your aircraft remain in optimal condition, both operationally and financially. We cater to private and commercial aircraft operators, aircraft owners, and aircraft lessors, providing customized solutions through our expert partners.

Holistic Aircraft Management

R2S excels in delivering complete aircraft technical administration. From initial acquisition to daily operations and eventual resale, our CAM services cover every aspect of your aircraft’s lifecycle. We take a proactive approach to maintain and enhance the value of your aircraft, ensuring you receive the best return on your investment.

Expert Compliance Monitoring

Staying compliant with airworthiness directives and service bulletins is critical for safety and regulatory adherence. Our team meticulously monitors and reviews all compliance requirements, ensuring that your aircraft meets the highest standards. This includes:

  • Airworthiness Directive Compliance: Regular monitoring and review to ensure all directives are followed.
  • Service Bulletin Compliance: Keeping track of and implementing necessary service bulletins to maintain optimal aircraft performance.

Damage Assessment and Repair Management

Our services include thorough damage assessment, certification of repairs, and updating damage reports. We ensure that any damage is promptly addressed and documented, maintaining the integrity and safety of your aircraft.

Component Replacement Management

We manage and monitor hard time and serialized component replacements, ensuring timely and efficient execution. Our systematic approach guarantees that all components are replaced according to their life cycle, minimizing downtime and maximizing aircraft availability.

Maintenance Program Management

R2S oversees the production, development, amendment, control, administration, and implementation of approved aircraft maintenance programs. Our services include:

  • Aircraft Reliability Reports: Generating detailed reliability reports and conducting periodic review meetings.
  • Maintenance Work Packs and Task Cards: Producing and managing work packs and task cards in line with approved maintenance programs.
  • Out of Phase Maintenance Control: Managing out-of-phase maintenance requirements to keep your aircraft in top condition.

Technical Records Management

We handle the management, maintenance, and safekeeping of all aircraft technical records. Our services also include the scanning and digital archiving of technical records, ensuring they are easily accessible and securely stored.

Audit Hosting

R2S provides hosting for operator audits, ensuring that all regulatory and compliance requirements are met with precision and transparency.

CAM for Stored Aircraft

For aircraft in storage, we offer comprehensive CAM services, including monitoring the storage program and issuing necessary storage work packages. Our goal is to maintain the airworthiness and value of your aircraft even when they are not in active use.

Full Spectrum Continuing Airworthiness Management

Our full spectrum of CAM services ensures that every aspect of your aircraft’s airworthiness is managed effectively. We provide peace of mind through our detailed, expert-driven approach, allowing you to focus on your core operations.